Serving Special Needs Families

Bringing the knowledge and understanding that your family needs.

504 Plan Development

Special Needs Trusts

ABLE Accounts

Support when you need it.

Serving the Education Community

Teachers are some of the most highly educated professionals and they deserve to have the a Fiduciary looking after their best interests.

Low Cost ETF’s

403b Plans



Wealth Management

I take a different approach to Wealth Management.

I believe in simple solutions to complex problems.  I will not introduce products and strategies that do not benefit you.

Passive Investing through Index ETFs

Use of Factor-Based Solutions where appropriate





I Will Help You Improve

Investment Costs

Studies show that the best way for individuals to improve investment results is to reduce the fees you pay for your investments.  I do not sell high cost Mutual Funds.  I recommend products that are in your best interests.


Nobody knows what investments will perform the best, so the best plan is to have a Diversified Portfolio.

Investor Behavior

We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to investing.  We panic sell and are afraid to buy back in.  Working with me can help improve behaviors and improve outcomes.

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