About Me

Better Bucks Advisory was founded in 2017.  I wanted to serve my local community as a Fee-Only Financial Planner.  My approach to Financial Planning is to look at the big picture and approach it in manageable steps.  Celebrate the small victories and continue working toward the ultimate goal.  When investing, I believe in controlling what you can control.  That would be risk, cost, time and behavior.  Also important – I do not try and control (or chase) return.  As a fee-only Fiduciary, I put your interests ahead of my own.  I will not recommend investments that benefit me when there are lower cost options out there.

I had worked as a hybrid adviser for several years, offering both commissioned products and managed accounts.  I worked with good people who genuinely wanted to do good for their clients, but I felt like there were better options available that I could not offer.  I wanted to offer top-notch advice and investments without being guided to offer products that I did not believe in.

I established my own independent financial advisory firm instead of joining another. The entrepreneurial drive in me would not be denied.  Access to quality investments is simple and the guidance I offer can help many who need it.  There was not a need to join another firm.

Thank you for stopping by my page and for checking out my business.  Are you happy with your Adviser?  You deserve Better!